Professional ​

One former boss says I was his, "Don Draper"  Another former boss claims I have expertise in "guerilla marketing," and the very French CEO of that same company says, "Quinton...  you peddle hard"  

I'm not sure about these things, but one of my primary corporate assets is surely my fierce conversational style.  

Information security, network security, cyber security stuff is kinda my jam.  I'm pretty sure teh Internets have never been as wild west they be today, nation state actions and industrial grade cyber criminals, organized crime participation in various hijinks, identity such a complex topic, increasingly meaningful and high stakes services lurking behind simple web auth, the median Internet citizen new in understanding risks and the ever evolving threatscape...  

Its an exciting time to be a security industry person.  


double jointed

runs real fast backward

excellent rapper

owns his own blender

accomplished bow-tie wearer

Wild Robots
2016 - 2019

Mentoring current and future cybersecurity MVPs.  Strategy and IT consulting.  Research & Development projects.  Startup & entrepreneur advisory.  Importing perspective and awareness from beyond my FOV.   



Problem solver for threat-hunting and adversary profiling enterprise solution.

NCC Group
2012 - 2014

Hired by and reported directly to Alex Stamos, during NCC Group application to ICANN to operate the .secure gTLD.  Grew team from three to thirty persons, building platform to operate TLD, audit host and service health, and validate security posture and policy attestation, with automated DNS compensating controls.

McAfee | Intel Security

2009 - 2012

Line of business manager for cloud solutions portfolio; $140M in revenue within $230M business unit.  Developed emerging market alliances, owned in-licensing and out-licensing partner alliance relationships, grew revenue through International ISP sell-through partnerships.


2004 - 2009

Regional sales manager and technical account manager.  Owned a patch, sold a lot.  Grew regional territory from $1M to $8M in annual subscription revenue, led top performing region within company producing $20M annually.  Part of the team that grew total revenue from $3M to $85M, and took company IPO.

eEye Digital Security

2003 - 2004

Highest producing salesperson.  Brought the Retina half-open connect SYN scanner to market, during the era of Nimda, Blaster, Sasser, Code Red, SQL Slammer, and Sobig.

Breakwater Security Associates

2000 - 2003

Seattle based security consulting firm and MSSP.  Policy development, attack and penetration tests, perimeter security audits, and security program development advisory.  Managed firewalls and IDS, Check Point, Eagle Raptor, Netscreen.  Opened Orange County, California office, ran events marketing and technology alliance partnerships, managed regional group of ten consultants and salespersons.

 Have never received: 

  • National Security Letter any type

  • Foreign Intelligence Surveillance  Court order

  • Subpoena or search warrant, nor gag order - pursuant to Electronic Communications Privacy Act

UCLA Anderson 


MBA, master thesis on mobile device use within emerging markets.

University of Washington


BA Psychology